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June 13, 2018 / Nicole Villeneuve

Healthier Together: Gene's Weight Loss Story

Name: Gene

Weight loss (so far!): 32 lb

What have been some of your biggest challenges to losing weight in the past? Challenges to losing weight have been mostly a matter of willpower. I knew I should eat a healthy diet, exercise, drink plenty of water and get a good night's sleep. I just didn't. It was easier for me after I got home from work to sit on the coach, watch TV, eat processed or packaged foods, and complain about things. I was comfortable and it was easier for me not to take charge.

How has PlateJoy been different from other strategies you’ve tried?  PlateJoy is a multifaceted program that involves my life on many levels. First, there are the weekly support videos, which are extremely informational regarding current research and exercise tips. Then, there is a daily accountability piece where you keep track of exercise activities, weight, and food intake. Next, you get a personal coach, scale, and access to a Fitbit. Finally, PlateJoy includes individualized menus and food choices. These are research-based and all of them are based on eating whole foods. All you need to do is shop for the ingredients based on the weekly shopping list that PlateJoy provides. As a plus, the menus are planned around not wasting any food in your pantry.

What’s the biggest change you’ve made to your diet since starting PlateJoy?  I now eat whole foods, not processed or packaged ones. I also quit eating after dinner and started doing intermittent fasting.

What other strategies (besides PlateJoy) have you been using to get to your weight loss goal? I have been using a Fitbit and have a support buddy. I also have a more personal, daily focus on the diet and exercise activities that I need to do in order to lose weight.

What is the #1 piece of advice you would tell someone who is just starting out on their weight loss goal?  Stick with it. Don't be discouraged. It took time and lifestyle choices to get where you're at today. It will take time and lifestyle choices to get where you feel you need to be. Losing weight is a process.

Nicole Villeneuve

Nicole Villeneuve is a certified Diabetes Prevention Lifestyle Coach. A graduate of Yale University, she previously worked in book publishing, with a focus on cookbooks and health, and ran the food blog Paper and Salt. Her writing has been featured in Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, The New York Times Magazine, The Paris Review, and The Daily Beast. Nicole lives in San Francisco and loves cooking, reading, exploring new restaurants, and running by the ocean. You can (very occasionally) find her on Twitter.

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