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Personalized Meal Plans

We use 50 different data points to create a meal plan that is perfectly tailored to your tastes, dietary preferences, & health goals.

Smart Grocery Lists

Save time planning with in-app grocery lists that remember what’s in your pantry to reduce food waste and save you money!

Recipes Everyone Will Love

Developed by nutritionists and flavor gurus, our recipes will simplify your life and delight your taste buds.

Optional Grocery Delivery

We offer the option of easily integrating your grocery lists with Instacart for maximum efficiency!

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Meal Plans for Every Preference

Our nutrition team creates a custom plan for you based in over 50 different data points.
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What You Get

Woman eating yogurt
PlateJoy doesn’t limit users to a weekly set menu of, say, only three meals. By enabling grocers to participate in the meal-planning subscription game, PlateJoy can provide more variety than other services and cater to a wider spectrum of dietary restrictions.
The Huffington Post
PlateJoy comes up with a meal plan for you based on a quiz you take at signup. They then let you customize the meal—taking out ingredients you don't care for, etc.—and compile a grocery list.
Especially smart: The algorithm pairs meals together to minimize the items on your grocery list, and tracks what you have at home.
Thanks to PlateJoy, people like me—busy, hopeless cooks with big appetites for delicious, nutritious food—can eat healthy, save time, and even save money.
Business Insider
PlateJoy addresses every obstacle—aside from cooking the meal—for $8 per month. The site will build a menu for you, generate a grocery list (that remembers which ingredients you already have), and allows you to send the list to a local grocery store for delivery via Instacart if you so choose.

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