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November 20, 2017

Christina's Pre-Year Resolution: Day 10

Christina lunchboxes

Here’s the truth: when I started this challenge, I wanted to lose weight. But I was also worried about something else. Specifically: $$$

Junk food isn’t just everywhere. It’s also cheap! I know that it’s more expensive in the long term to be unhealthy (hello, medical bills). But in the short term, it can seem more economical to buy a processed granola bar with 15g of sugar than a fancy green juice.

But is it really more expensive to eat better? I guess I’d find out.

I talked with Gabi Moskowitz, the creator of the blog Broke-Ass Gourmet, to ask for her advice.

I also prepped all my lunches ahead of time this week in pre-portioned containers. Here’s what I made (I dress the salads on the day-of, so they stay fresh all week).

Spinach: $3/bag
Strawberries: $4/pint
Cashews: $3 in bulk bins
Yogurt: $6 for 5
Celery: $2
Almond butter: $8

Total = $5/lunch, or about half of what I'd pay if I was getting takeout. And I still have a lot of almond butter left over for a snack.

Prepped Lunches for the Week

Instagram fame, here I come.

Goal: 10 lb weight loss
So far: 1.6 lbs

CEO/Founder, PlateJoy

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