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November 20, 2017 / Christina Bognet

Christina's Pre-Year Resolution: Day 10

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Here’s the truth: when I started this challenge, I wanted to lose weight. But I was also worried about something else. Specifically: $$$

Junk food isn’t just everywhere. It’s also cheap! I know that it’s more expensive in the long term to be unhealthy (hello, medical bills). But in the short term, it can seem more economical to buy a processed granola bar with 15g of sugar than a fancy green juice.

But is it really more expensive to eat better? I guess I’d find out.

I talked with Gabi Moskowitz, the creator of the blog Broke-Ass Gourmet, to ask for her advice.

I also prepped all my lunches ahead of time this week in pre-portioned containers. Here’s what I made (I dress the salads on the day-of, so they stay fresh all week).

Spinach: $3/bag
Strawberries: $4/pint
Cashews: $3 in bulk bins
Yogurt: $6 for 5
Celery: $2
Almond butter: $8

Total = $5/lunch, or about half of what I'd pay if I was getting takeout. And I still have a lot of almond butter left over for a snack.

Prepped Lunches for the Week

Instagram fame, here I come.

Goal: 10 lb weight loss
So far: 1.6 lbs

CEO/Founder, PlateJoy

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Christina Bognet
CEO & Founder @ PlateJoy

PlateJoy Health was founded in 2012 by Christina Bognet, an MIT neuroscience graduate who successfully lost 50 lbs by modifying her diet, with the goal of making healthy eating easier and more sustainable through personalization technology.

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