Paleo Diet Meal Planning

Paleolithic humans thrived on a variety of diets. Plan the right paleo diet and meal plan for you with these helpful tips and examples.

Paleo Diet Meal Planning

Paleolithic humans thrived on a variety of diets. Plan the right paleo diet and meal plan for you with these helpful tips and examples.

Paleo meal plans focus on incorporating whole foods into your diet and eliminating refined sugar, dairy, grains, and soy. With a whole foods approach, a paleo meal plan may be a great option to help reduce inflammation and nourish your body with the foods it needs to maintain optimal health. Another big benefit of the paleo diet is that while it doesn't contain things like dairy and grains, there is a lot more flexibility in this style of eating as compared to something like a ketogenic diet. So if you're thinking about trying a clean eating diet, paleo meal plans may be a great place to start.

What is a Paleo Diet?

A paleo diet is based on the diet our ancestors ate during the Paleolithic era. It involves consuming foods that were readily available in nature during these times, such as lean meats, fish, fruit, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. These were all foods that hunters and gatherers had access to.

People choose to start a paleo diet as a way to help get back to basics and enjoy foods that our bodies recognize and thrive on. The idea behind the paleo diet is to consume a diet that the body was designed to eat, while avoiding processed foods that the human body is not adapted to eat or digest.

Simple paleo meal plans incorporate anti-inflammatory food options that are easy to make and rich in nutrients that may help you sustain a healthy weight. Paleo plan recipes are designed for anyone who wants to get back to how the body was designed to eat, reduce inflammation, or processed foods and the sugar that often comes with them.

The Sensible Paleo Meal Plan

Here at PlateJoy, we like to offer paleo meal plans that are sensible and sustainable long-term. While a paleo diet is rooted in how our ancestors ate, this doesn’t mean that you have to grill meats over an open flame. We want you to be able to sustain clean paleo eating, so indulgences like a piece of dark chocolate or a glass of wine from time to time is perfectly fine! Having balance is what makes our paleo meal plans sensible, sustainable, and delicious.

You might also look into a modified paleo diet meal plan, with your own personalized adjustments. The reason behind this is that there is no “right” way to go paleo that works for everyone. You don’t want to get stuck in a diet where you feel like there is no wiggle room, as this can detract from clean eating success long-term. This is where modified paleo meal plans come in.

Modified paleo plans may include things like grass-fed butter or gluten-free grains, where a strict paleo diet would not allow for either. Using the paleo diet as your guide for what you want to be eating 80% of the time can be very helpful when starting a paleo meal plan. However, knowing that you can modify it based on your own unique dietary needs can make the diet seem way less intimidating and more sensible.

General Foods to Avoid and Eat on a Paleo Meal Plan

When talking about the standard paleo diet, here is a list of foods to avoid and foods you won’t find in paleo meal plans.

Note: Some foods like grass-fed butter and cheese may be included in some modified paleo meal plans.

Now that you know about the foods you will want to avoid, here is a list of the foods that you can enjoy liberally, and will find in paleo meal plans:

Paleo Meal Planner and Recipe Resources

If you are new to paleo eating, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed, especially when it comes to planning your meals. The good news is that you have resources when it comes to planning for a paleo diet. With a meal planning app like PlateJoy, you can have paleo recipes delivered in a weekly meal plan, grocery list included!

Plus, we want your paleo meal plans to be as customized as you need them, which is why we use 50 different data points to create a meal plan that is perfectly tailored to your tastes, dietary preferences, and health goals. Your unique paleo plan recipes will be simple, nourishing, and delicious, and take the guesswork out of figuring out what’s considered paleo and what’s not. Plus, it makes meal planning each week streamlined, with recipes that will save you hours in the kitchen and the grocery store.

Suggested Paleo Meal Plan Recipes

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If you are looking for some easy grab-and-go paleo recipe ideas, here are some easy options that take little time to prep, and are easy to enjoy on the go.




As you can see, there are so many delicious and nutrient-dense food options to include in your paleo meal plan. Let PlateJoy take the stress out of creating a paleo meal plan, by customizing a paleo plan tailored to your dietary needs.