Clean Eating and Clean Meal Planning

Have you committed to eating clean? Learn more about clean eating and how a meal planner or meal delivery service can support your goals!

Clean Eating and Clean Meal Planning

Have you committed to eating clean? Learn more about clean eating and how a meal planner or meal delivery service can support your goals!

Cleaning eating meal plans are the perfect way to support overall health. Focusing on whole and nutrient-dense foods free from added sugar, damaged fats, and artificial ingredients is one of the best ways to safeguard your health and feel your best.

What is Clean Eating?

So, what exactly does it mean to eat clean? Clean eating keeps a few basic principles in mind. With a clean eating diet, you’ll focus on eating more unprocessed food and less food from a box. Clean eating will mean eating more plant-based nutrient-dense foods, and avoiding foods high in sugar and artificial ingredients.

Since overall health often begins with a healthy diet, it makes sense that eating clean would support a healthy lifestyle. Some of the health benefits of a clean eating diet include:

Balancing a Clean Diet and Tips to Consider

While eating a clean diet is something we all want to strive for, it can be difficult to make all meals from scratch. Clean eating meal plans don’t have to include 100% homemade foods: In order to make clean eating more of a lifestyle versus a diet, there has to be a balance. You want to be able to maintain clean eating long-term, so give yourself some wiggle room, and create a balance that works for you.

Clean eating meal plans can include some prepackaged foods and dining out. It’s okay to have that bowl of pasta, but try to choose a healthier option, like quinoa or chickpea pasta, which are higher in fiber. When dining out, stick to the basics. Opt for a clean protein like a chicken breast with a side of steamed veggies, and some sliced avocado.

To help you get started with your own clean eating meal plan, here are some clean eating foods you will want to enjoy liberally:

Now that you know about the foods you’ll want to enjoy liberally, here are some foods you will want to stay away from:

Clean Diet Meal Planner and Clean Eating Meal Delivery Options

Making clean eating meal plans a regular part of your lifestyle does take commitment. However, with tools like a clean diet meal planner and clean eating meal delivery services, following a clean eating meal plan is easier than ever.

PlateJoy can help take the stress out of planning what you’re going to eat and provides you with clean eating meals to streamline your clean eating diet.

With PlateJoy’s meal planning app, you can make your clean eating meal plans as unique as you would like. We use over 50 data points to build your perfect custom meal plan. You tell us about your budget, time constraints, favorite meals, and dietary restrictions, and we give you a collection of clean eating recipes that are full of flavor and nutritional value, and that fit your own unique dietary preferences.

Plus, when you use PlateJoy, you won’t even have to think about your weekly grocery list. Based on your clean eating meal plan, we'll create a weekly grocery list, listing everything you will need to pick up at the grocery store each week. It’s that easy, and can be a gamechanger for helping you stay on track!

To make your life even easier, there are tons of grocery delivery services like Instacart or Prime Now that offer personal grocery shopping and delivery for a very small fee. Apps like these can help you reach success on your clean eating diet.

Suggested Clean Eating Recipes

Looking for some additional inspiration before you start clean meal planning? Here are some additional recipes and tips for your clean eating meal plan.
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