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October 15, 2014

Read the Blog, Eat the Meals: Veggie Belly

You read their recipes. You drool over their photos. Now eat their food! We’re excited to be partnering with several of our favorite food blogs, delivering you some of their most popular meals through PlateJoy.

Sala Kannan grew up in a family of foodies, and honed her kitchen skills on the South Indian recipes of her parents. She started her popular blog, Veggie Belly, to share those dishes from her childhood—but she would up creating her own menu of delicious vegetarian fare. We love her mix of meals that are (as she puts it) everything from easy to exotic. (And for those of you have been asking for a good tikka masala on PlateJoy, your time is here!)

Try meals from Veggie Belly and get $10 off your first order! Check out the menu here.

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What's your healthy eating philosophy?

Eat lots of fruit and vegetables. Indulge every now and then.

Tell us the story behind Veggie Belly. How did it start and where has it gone since then?
I started cooking for fun when I was a child. Then when I went to college, I started taking cooking more seriously and experimenting with different cuisines. Veggie Belly started as a way for me to share my recipes with friends and family. I always had people ask me for recipes of the dishes they had eaten at my place. So I decided to share my recipes on a blog. It took off in a way that I didn’t expect, and has brought lots of fun opportunities to work with food.

How do you treat yourself?
By making myself an authentic South Indian meal: rice, lentil wafers, cucumber raita, lentils cooked with spinach, cauliflower curry with toasted coriander, yogurt curry with coconut and cumin and spicy, tangy mango pickle.

vegan-eggplant-rollatini-with-pine-nut-couscous2You just got home and want to make yourself something quick and comforting. What do you go for?
My peanut noodles. They are filling, satisfying and super quick. You can find them here.

Speaking of which, what Veggie Belly recipes are on PlateJoy?

Thai red curry fried rice with green beans (above); Stuffed eggplant rollatini with couscous; Mushroom tikka masala with naan; Mango blueberry quinoa salad with lemon basil dressing; Ginger-soy glazed edamame.

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