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May 15, 2017

National Bento Day: 4-Ingredient Meals for Any Hour

Easy bentos infographic

We're 5 months into 2017, and chances are your New Years Resolution to eat healthier is but a distant memory. Who has time to eat better on this crazy schedule, amirite?

You do—at least, you do for one day of the year.

May 18 is National Bento Day , when we celebrate 4 ingredient meals that actually make healthy eating manageable. Healthy eating too expensive? There's only 4 ingredients. Too busy to make a breakfast? 4 ingredients, baby. Eating on the go? Throw those 4 ingredients in a bag (or a bento box, if you're getting into the spirit of Bento Day) and you're ready to roll.

Make every meal of the day a bento, with inspiration from PlateJoy below.

National Bento Day: 4 Ingredient Meals

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