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March 18, 2015 / Nicole Villeneuve

Refuel Paleo-Style: Esther Blum's Post-Workout Shake

What's the best way to refuel after a workout? Nutritionist Esther Blum has has helped her clients get gorgeous and strong by reinstating the simple, high-protein, low-carb diet that our bodies naturally crave. Now meals from her book Cave Women Don't Get Fat are available on PlateJoy, from protein-packed breakfasts to healthy Paleo snacks to fuel an active lifestyle throughout the day.  Esther Blum banner 1

Check out Esther's Paleo-friendly menu here and get $10 off your meals, including her brownie surprise protein shake, banana walnut grain-free pancakes, salmon burgers with green salad and dijon dressing, and steak with roasted asparagus.

Get a sneak peek at the menu with this Paleo post-workout protein shake. Happy eating!

Nicole Villeneuve

Nicole Villeneuve is a certified Diabetes Prevention Lifestyle Coach. A graduate of Yale University, she previously worked in book publishing, with a focus on cookbooks and health, and ran the food blog Paper and Salt. Her writing has been featured in Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, The New York Times Magazine, The Paris Review, and The Daily Beast. Nicole lives in San Francisco and loves cooking, reading, exploring new restaurants, and running by the ocean. You can (very occasionally) find her on Twitter.

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