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October 23, 2015

Master the Grocery Store Sprint: 4 Ways to Save Time Grocery Shopping

How much time do you spend grocery shopping? According to a recent American Time Use Survey, you probably average 41 minutes in the store every week—more of a 10K than a sprint. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Once you've got your Grocery Shoppinglist, you can still save extra time grocery shopping with these handy tricks:

Keep an out-of-stock list on your fridge. PlateJoy's shopping lists collects everything you need for your recipes each week. But if you always want bananas in the house, or need some toilet paper (we all do, come on), posting a list in a handy place will help you (or the rest of your family) remember what you'd like to add.

Look up the most popular times. Shopping during off-peak hours is a no-brainer ... but how do you know what times are off-peak? Google's new "popular times" feature has your back (see image). Search for your favorite local store and you'll see what hours to avoid, so you can breeze through the aisles.

[caption id="attachment_1913" align="alignleft" width="263"]Google's Popular times feature helps you save time grocery shopping by tracking peak hours Google's Popular times feature helps you save time grocery shopping by tracking peak hours[/caption]

Eat before. Avoiding temptation at the store is always a challenge - but it's even more tempting to linger by the popcorn aisle when you're hungry. Eat lunch or a healthy snack before so you have willpower to spare (and can save time too).

Update your Digital Pantry. PlateJoy remembers what you have on hand, so your lists are automatically updated with pantry items you already have - woo! To save even more time, you can also update your Digital Pantry with any perishable items you might have as well, like leftover herbs. These will be auto-removed from your lists, so you'll be able to save time grocery shopping (as well as money) by taking account of these items before your trip.

Want to save more time at the grocery store? Try PlateJoy's personalized meal planner and get your lists every week!

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