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March 13, 2017

Low FODMAP Brands: How to Buy Everything from Broth to Pasta Sauce

Buffalo chicken tacos

Knowing what’s going into your body and reading ingredient labels are always good ideas, particularly if you have a food allergy or intolerance. If you’re one of the 45 million people who are sensitive to carbohydrates, being aware of what’s in your food can mean the difference between a happy eating experience and digestive chaos.

Sensitivity to carbohydrates – or FODMAPs, as this group of related molecules is commonly called – affects up to 15% of the US population. This can include high-fructose foods (like apples and honey), high-lactose foods (like milk and soft cheeses), gluten, and polyols found in artificial sweeteners.

Read more about FODMAPS in our intro here.

While sidestepping gluten and dairy seems fairly straightforward, avoiding other fructans can be tough, especially onions, garlic and scallions. These are common flavor-boosters, especially in store-bought versions of some delicious kitchen staples like tomato sauce, spice mixes and pesto.

But fret not! We’ve compiled some of favorite low FODMAP brands to help you navigate the grocery store with confidence: confidence you’ll find something delicious and confidence you’ll feel great after you eat.


Seggiano Raw Basil Pesto is made from a few simple ingredients, all of which are FODMAP-friendly. Feel great about adding this mixture of olive oil, cashews, basil, sea salt and pine nuts to any dish.


Most packaged broths contain some form of dried onion or garlic powder, which can spell trouble if you’re dealing with sensitivity. ConsiderCasa de Sante’s vegetable stock powder, made without onion and garlic, but with tons of other dried veggies including carrots, parsnips and red pepper. Simply stir into boiling water for a quick and easy broth.

Pasta Sauce

While many pasta sauces add onion and garlic for flavor, those brands won’t feel awesome if you’re sensitive to allium. Rao’s released a deliciousSensitive Formula Marinara for just this reason! It’s made from Italian tomatoes, olive oil, carrots, celery, salt and basil, so you can top your gluten-free pasta or vegetable noodles freely, knowing you’ll feel great after you mangia.

Cooking Sauce

When homemade sauce just isn’t an option (hello, weeknight dinner), a premade version can be a lifesaver. Many of these, as we’ve learned, contain garlic, onions or shallots, butFODMAPPED’s Butter Chicken Curry Simmer Sauce is FODMAP-friendly. Use with your favorite poultry or low-FODMAP legume for a simple, delicious one-pot meal.

Spice Mixes

Making your own spice mixes is an easy way to control your own blend (and they store well so you can make once and keep for many weeks), but in a pinch, skip the stress and head straight forCasa de Sante’s entire line of low-FODMAP mixes. Each is certified safe for a low-FODMAP diet and is free of onion, garlic and their cousins. They offer versatile combinations like lemon herb, taco seasoning, BBQ rub, spicy Indian and Tuscan herb.


FODY offers an alternative to traditionally onion-heavy salsas in their low-FODMAP line. Theirsalsa contains no onion or garlic pieces; instead, this product includes natural flavors from a minute amount of garlic and onion extracts, similar to those found in a garlic/onion infused olive oil.

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